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Discover the best online and face-to-face Woodtherapy Courses throughout Europe.

Introduce Woodtherapy in your life. Dream, reinvent, investigate, and become a Madero therapist: the technique that is revolutionizing the world of aesthetics.

Our Woodtherapy Courses

We have at your disposal both face-to-face and online training in which we offer an apprenticeship of our technique.

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Our courses are certified by the AEM, the international organisation of Woodtherapy.


If you prefer training at your own pace adapted to your schedule, you can opt for our Online course modality. Our content is adapted so that you can become a great professional without the need for prior knowledge on the subject, ensuring complete and quality learning for all our students.


We have face-to-face courses throughout Spain with the aim of expanding our method to all aesthetic centers, both national and international. With our face-to-face courses we achieve a better interaction between student and teacher, ensuring the quality of our training.

Upcoming face-to-face courses

Enjoy the opportunity of learning this new technique in the hands of our international trainer specialised in our method. All our courses are accredited by the AEM.






Woodtherapy kits




All our products are manufactured in Spain to ensure the highest quality. Our utensils are made with the best wood to provide the best results.

We are national providers of Maderotherapy body and facial kits.

What is Woodtherapy?

Maderotherapy is an ancient technique that is revolutionizing the world of aesthetics. This technique consists of performing massages using wooden utensils. Through different movements and exerting the appropriate pressure, their different shapes and sizes allow them to be adapted to all parts of the body, balancing the patient's energy, toning their body and relieving muscle and joint pain.

Types of Woodtherapy

Body Woodtherapy

It can be used for both aesthetic and relaxation purposes. It helps reduce and shape your figure, eliminating the accumulation of fat in the body and also reducing your stress level.

Facial Woodtherapy

Its objective is to reactivate the collagen and proteins of our face to improve circulation and achieve a firming and toning treatment.

Benefits of Woodtherapy

Emotional balance

Woodtherapy massagess act on the patient's nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels in order to increase mental well-being.


This technique brings benefits to the body, helping to reduce overload, firming and toning the elasticity of the skin, thus increasing the patient's physical performance.

Improves circulation

Improved blood circulation in turn promotes muscle activation, activating the lymphatic system and facilitating the elimination of toxins and drainage of localised fat.

Improves cellulite appearance

It stimulates lipolysis, a process known for its anti-cellulite effects and the reduction of localised fat.

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