Cellulite Treatment Cream

Body cream for the treatment of cellulite and orange peel, with Caffeine and Extracts of Horse Chestnut, Chili, Pennywort, Bergamot and Cedar.



Anti-cellulite body cream with Extracts of Horse Chestnut, Chili, Centella, Bergamot and Cedar, effective active ingredients to combat cellulite and orange peel skin. Combined with a reducing Maderotherapy treatment, it offers unique results for the treatment of cellulite.

In addition, its cream texture provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and light legs, resulting in smooth and soft skin.

For optimal results, it should be applied daily to the areas to be treated and massaged in circular motions until completely absorbed.

If you want better results, we recommend massaging with our Maderotherapy mushroom. Thanks to its properties and ergonomics, it offers unique results combined with the anti-cellulite cream.


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