Lipolytic oil 500 ML



Lipolytic oil for exclusive use in Woodtherapy

This exclusive oil is used in Woodtherapy massages to combat cellulite and eliminate fat. In addition, this oil has unique properties that improve the elasticity of your skin.

Anti-cellulite, sculpting or slimming massage

When we work on an anti-cellulite, shaping or reducing massage we look at 3 factors depending on whether the cellulite is soft or hard.

Lipolytic oil for soft cellulite

Soft cellulite occurs when we are retaining fluids and the edema that congests the area makes it difficult for lymphatic drainage to occur naturally.
Many times there are also previous circulatory problems and weakness in the venous walls. To eliminate this extravasation of liquids, we must transport the fat to exit points through the lymphatic system such as the liver or kidneys, massaging with our wood therapy tools and lipolytic oil, which will improve the flow of these fats and improve the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Use of lipolytic oil on denser cellulite

When the fatty nodules are more dense and hard, they can be painful to the touch, therefore, when performing the wood therapy treatment it is very important to use oil to improve the quality of the massage, minimize pain, etc.

Warnings for our massage oil

Not recommended for pregnant women and people undergoing cancer treatment.
Grapefruit and lemon are photosensitizing oils, so it is recommended not to expose the skin to the sun in the hours following the massage.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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