Lipolytic Oil 500 ML



Lipolytic Oil for exclusive use for Maderotherapy.
We present an exclusive oil to give Maderotherapy massages that serve to combat cellulite and eliminate fat. In addition, this oil has unique properties that improve the elasticity of your skin.

Anti-cellulite, modeling or reducing massage.
When we work on an anti-cellulite, shaping or reducing massage, we look at 3 factors depending on whether the cellulite is soft or hard.

Lipolytic oil in soft cellulite.
Soft cellulite occurs when we are retaining fluids and the edema, which congests the area, makes it difficult for lymphatic drainage to occur naturally.
Many times there are also previous circulatory problems and weakness in the venous walls. To eliminate this extravasation of liquids, we must transport the fat to the outlet outlets through the lymphatic system such as the liver or kidneys, performing massages with our Maderotherapy tools and lipolytic oil, which will improve the flow of these fats and improve the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Use of lipolytic oil in denser cellulite.
When we are dealing with denser and harder fatty nodules, it can cause pain to the touch, therefore, when carrying out the Maderotherapy treatment it is very important to use oil to improve the quality of the massage, minimize pain, etc.

Reducing oil in orange peel.
One of the most used treatments to reduce orange peel skin or sagging due to the lack of dermal structure is Maderotherapy , which improves the lack of firmness with the vitamins contained in this lipolytic oil.

Formula of our lipolytic oil.
We mix carrier oils such as almond oil, purple grape seeds, which provide fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Purple grape seed oil.
In Maderotherapy we use this oil because it has antioxidant qualities, with resveratrol, which improve hydration and restructuring of the dermis.

Maderotherapy oil of 100% Spanish origin.
The oils we use are of national origin, thanks to the quality of our raw materials, which with their closeness and proximity manage to reduce the environmental impact and improve the national market.

Vegetable oils: almond and purple grape.
In aromatherapy, vegetable oils from the territory in which you reside are recommended because they are more related to our body.

Key essential oils in wood therapy.
For our lipo lymphatic oil we use a high concentration, suitable for use in Maderotherapy massages, it is not recommended for daily use, but for professional treatments. The essential oils we use improve tissue cleansing, fluid retention, and support the lymphatic system and edema. These are Virginia cedar and lemon.

Virginia Red Cedar.
Our lipolytic oil includes this essential oil in its formula as it helps the body eliminate what is left over and helps activate the lymphatic system to combat fat accumulation.

Essential oils we work with.
Citrus fruits such as grapefruit and BIO lemon, Cinnamon Cassia, which has a thermogenic effect. Cypress and lemon help reduce edema, improving venous capillaries.
Finally, the essential oil of Spanish rosemary is key, a tonic that helps the metabolism, enhancing the properties of the rest of the oils. It also reaffirms the dermis tissue and makes Maderotherapy more effective, achieving an improvement in the vascular walls.

Precautions of our massage oil.
Not recommended in pregnant women and people receiving cancer treatment.
Grapefruit and lemon are photosensitizing oils, so it is recommended not to expose the skin to the sun in the hours following the massage.

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